The Belgian Consulate

The Belgian Consulate in La Coruña assists Belgian citizens living in or visiting the Spanish regions of Galicia and Asturias.


The Consulate activities include a wide range of areas, such as:


−    Administrative support to resident and non resident Belgian citizens for all consular affairs: application for passports,., registration certificates, various consular certificates, assistance, etc.

−    Administrative support to Spanish citizens: retirement pensions, tourist information, addresses, providing and promoting contacts with the Universities, etc.

−    Promotion of Belgian and Spanish cultures.

−    Representation of Belgian economic and trade interests by promoting trade and contacts between companies and executives of both countries, always taking into consideration the role that agriculture and industry play in the Belgium economy.

−    Administrative support to Belgian entities, considered reliable “partners” of the Belgian Embassy, and assistance to vessels of the Belgian Navy that often select the Galician coast for their port of calls.


Avenida del Ejército 10, 1º. 15006 La Coruña. España
Tel. 981 170 000 ext.5 -  Fax 981 294 228

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Avda. del Ejército 10, 1º A | 15006 A Coruña | Tlf. +34 981 90 91 91 |